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Poetry: Please submit no more than five poems at a time. We enjoy both shorter poems and long form pieces. As with fiction, please include submission as a non pdf attachment (word files only please) and cover letter that includes a third person bio in the email and notate in the subject line what type of submission you are sending.

Translations: We are now accepting translations of prose and poetry. If you are submitting translations of poems, please include the original language as well if possible.

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Book Reviews: Open year round:  Send to bookreviews at angelcityreview dot com. If you have a new book of poems, novel, or a short story collection you would like to have considered for review feel free to email us. If you would like to submit a book review for publication you can do so at any time during the year. We have no specific style requirements, but we do prefer that your review is well thought out and overall positive (you can be critical of some aspects of the work). Please title your email appropriately.

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Submissions can be sent to submissions at angelcityreview dot com.

Series on music:

Music has an incredible ability to transcend time, space, and culture. A song can have the unique power to transport you to a moment in history, the future, a particular setting, or to a certain feeling that holds emotional weight. Music can also be a catalyst or companion for social movements and signify a change in society. At times it can be a great unifier and is found as a crucial means of expression in all corners of the globe. For a new web series on music, we are interested in publishing essays, short fiction, and poetry that explore the poetics of music and/or music composition. We are looking for pieces that burrow deep into music’s connection to places and peoples and movements. Like The Velvet Underground’s connection to New York, or the work of João Gilberto and his contribution to the bossa nova sounds of Brazil, we are looking for pieces that speak to the music that shapes us.

Send your best work to Angel City Review to zachjensen at (acting music editor until a new editor is brought on).